Hidden Water Pools – Ultimate Hidden Pools Guide

Hidden water pools have risen to become the perfect symbol of elegance and luxury in pool industry because of amazing benefits and aristocratic features.

Many people take great pride with their in-ground pools. They never think twice of showing it off to their family and friends. However, there is a whole new wave in technology introduced recently. It allows people to hide their pools from the prying eyes and create a more spacious patio.

With a mere flip of a switch or click of a button, you can hide your pool easily. From there, a patio can emerge to serve as a usable space for entertaining your guests.

What are Hidden Water Pools?

hidden water poolsImage Credit: dudeiwantthat.com/outdoors/garden/hidden-water-pools.asp

Hidden water swimming pools usually resemble traditional pools. However, the similarity stops once the owner activates a mechanism. This then chances the atmosphere and appearance of the whole area.

The owner will press a button attached to the pool’s control panel. The button will activate the hydraulic lift which powers up the pool’s mechanism. It will then raise the pool’s floor. Once the floor of the pool raises, the water will flow up to the edges and drain under the pool floor.

You can then easily raise the platform for any special event or entertainment purposes. Once the activity ends, the pool floor can be lowered again with the use of the hydraulic lift. This will easily restore your pool to its original form.

How Much Does Hidden Water Pool Cost?

Hidden water pools are pricier as compared to in ground or traditional pools. This is because of the presence of flooring and hydraulic jacks.

These pools are not just expensive to install as they also require maintenance. However, the most effective points of hidden pools are that they don’t get regular exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This means that the chemical inclusion to such pools is relatively lower.

As always, hidden pools can flaunt your lifestyle and elegance. These are often geared with several extensive accessories including lighting, tables, fountains and spa. These can all increase the cost of the pool. Even though these are more expensive compared to traditional pools, more people still want to have such pools in their property.

With the availability of shapes and sizes and numerous benefits, hidden pools are no doubt in demand these days. While they might not be that cost effective, these can be a great part of your lifestyle and decor.

Types of Hidden Pools

There are several types of hidden water pools from which you can choose the one that you would like to have in your home.

Patio Pools

The patio pools are getting more and more in demand for the past few years. This is mainly because of the convenience and functionality that such pools can offer. Basically, a patio pool has a sliding pool, usually decked out using Astroturf.

When you press a button on the control panel, the entire patio floor is going to slide out. It will neatly get slotted under the floor of the house. Once the floor slides away, the pool will be revealed underneath, complete with the ladder for getting in and out.

Then, you can easily swim around in your pool and when you are done, you just have to press one more button on the control panel. Then, the floor will automatically slide forward to cover the entire pool.

There are several types of patio pool tops you can go for. This can range from standard Astroturf deck to a more stylish pebble and stone design. Depending on the company you choose to work with, the pool’s design will also vary.

Sliding Cover Pools

Sliding cover pools have mechanics that are similar to that of standard patio pools. But, this kind of pool can either be put in your backyard or even inside the house. There are many people who love to have a pool right inside their home. This is where sliding cover pools can serve as a wonderful option.

Just imagine having a complete room, with minimalistic furniture and a floor. Every time you get to feel a bit bored, all you need to do is move aside the furniture. Then, you just have to press on a button on the pool’s control panel. It will automatically shift the floor to one side, which will reveal the swimming pool below.

In the same way, you can also apply the similar concept to your backyard although using an Astroturf. In order to install a sliding pool cover, you have to ensure that you will hire the most professional company.

Raised Platform Pools

This is another type of hidden water pools that is very functional. You just need to press a button on its control panel and the pool’s bottom floor will start to rise with the help of a hydraulic lift. When the lift rises upward, water will start to get drained below. In a matter of minute, you wouldn’t find any traces of the pool.

The hydraulic lift floor is going to be at par with the rest of the flooring of your home. This way, you can easily carry out all events you have in mind on the floor. When you are done, you will just press a different button. The hydraulic lift will then automatically make the floor descend down to its original position.

How to Maintain a Pool

Pools are perfect for the hot summer days. Here, you can enjoy loads of fun with your kids and friends and spend quality time with them all season long. However, there is actually so much more to a pool than what meets the naked eyed.

Using your pool is one thing but maintaining it is a completely different thing. Now, you are probably wondering what will happen if you fail to maintain your pool. But, what is pool maintenance in the first place? How often do you need to maintain your pool? And most importantly, how do you maintain your pool?

You may think that because your pool water is clear, it’s clean. That’s not a fact. You have to take note that a hidden water pool is also exposed to outdoors and you know how dirty outdoors can be. Also, every time you swim all dead skin cells you shed will be left behind. Such particles may grow viruses and bacteria.

As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to know everything about your pool both bad and good aspects. You should be against poisoning, migraine, allergies, yeast infection, ear, nose, eye and mouth infection, constipation, diarrhea, and much more.

Pool maintenance is the act of cleaning as well as sterilizing your pool through the use of chemicals that kill bacteria and keep this in its supposed to be in good shape. Pool maintenance also differs on the kind of method that has to be done.

Brushing, sweeping, and skimming must be done daily. Leaves and some debris must be removed easily. On contrary, injecting the chemicals to the pool must be a weekly routine. It’s not really healthy to put chemicals on the pool on a regular basis as this may harm the health of your family.

To maintain a pool, you will need some things and these include algaecide, water clarifier, pool brush, skimmer net, water shock, water test strips, chlorine floater, and chlorine tablets.

Steps to Maintain a Pool

  1. Brush, skim, and sweep your pool daily.
  2. Test the pool water through the use of water test strips. The resulting color will give you a clue on how dirty the pool water is and what steps must be done.
  3. Place the chlorine tablets inside the chlorine floaters and leave this to float on the pool. Chlorine can help you kill off the bacteria.
  4. After heavy rains or extreme usage, consider shocking the pool water. It will help you eliminate serious bacteria growth.
  5. Utilize algaecide to prevent algae from growing into the pool. Algae can be harmful organisms, which cause severe infections and allergies. This also multiplies in numbers in every four seconds.
  6. Finally, apply water clarifier. It’s an additional step to make sure that your pool water is safe to use and clean.

The succeeding steps must be done weekly. Pool maintenance is a must for the pool owners. Exercise such steps and enjoy a safe and clean pool all year round.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hidden Water Pools

Hidden water pools have some obvious advantages and these include:

  • A hidden water pool is a space saver. You have more usable space, particularly during off season and makes entertaining much simpler.
  • Hidden water pools are said to be eco-friendly because of low amounts of chemicals required to maintain them. There’s a lot less water wasted and cleaning hidden water pools take less energy and time.
  • The pool’s depth can be adjusted easily and provides you versatility of having pool that’s an inch to 6 ft in depth.
  • Swimming pool safety should be addressed. A lot of places require pools to have safety fences around them to deter little children. When these are raised or drained, hidden water pools don’t pose a drowning risk.
  • There’s a huge interest in the product. Individuals have been looking for a swimming pool cover that you’re able to walk on and aren’t one in the market. It’s a viable alternative.

While advantages seem good, there are several disadvantages of hidden water pool that needs to be considered:

  • Intricate layouts can’t be accommodated at present. Hidden water pools are only available in rectangular or circular patterns.
  • The small pools wouldn’t be worth the investment. Some people who have plunge pools or small pools wouldn’t need to invest in the hidden water pools because the area they cover doesn’t add enough space.
  • Extras don’t really fit the design. The diving boards as well as slides wouldn’t be a bonus on hidden water pools. When platforms were raised, the extras would look at the place. The water jets might be about the only real option that’d be hidden once the platform was raised.

Things to Know About Hidden Water Pools

A California-based company called Hidden Water Pools developed the hidden water swimming pool. The Invisipools brought Hidden Water Pools and manufacturing them today. This innovative idea is gaining popularity and considered as the wave of the future.

When it’s obvious that having the greatest and latest gadget is going to cost you more money at first, many people feel that the hidden water pool cost is worth the investment. The actual pricing on hidden water pools may differ depending on the installation procedures and size.

However, in comparison to the traditional swimming pools, the hidden water pools will save you money eventually because the water is stored in the reservoir underground and isn’t subjected to the air effects. It makes it more efficient to heat and water isn’t also continuously exposed to sun’s UV rays, making it easier and cheaper to maintain the pool’s chemistry.

If you are interested in installing hidden water pools, you must always contact a professional. The reason behind it is that the procedure of installing hidden water pools requires expertise and should not be done by yourself unless you are an expert in creating different kinds of pools.

At present, there are numerous companies or contractors who are expert in installing hidden water pools. Depending on your needs or personal preferences, you have to remember that not all professionals are the same and the cost of hidden water pools may vary as it depends on the company services.

If you also have special things to install in your hidden water pools, the cost may also become pricey. That is the reason why it is best to shop around first as this will help you fix or determine your budget to have a hidden water pool in your home. Just make sure to deal with the most reputable professionals only.

Hidden Water Pools Vs In Ground Pools

However, in the battle between hidden water pools versus in ground pools, which is a better option?

  • The one and only primary difference between in ground and hidden water pools in the technique used for covering the pool. All hidden pools are actually in ground. In ground pools can be hidden in different ways. You can either utilize a hydraulic lift for moving the floor down or up or you can hide an in ground pool using a sliding cover.
  • The difference in terms of cost between hidden water pools and in ground pools comes from the amount that will be spent on machinery and materials for hiding the pool. This goes to say that hidden pools come in higher prices compared to in ground pools.
  • Even though the initial cost is relatively higher for the hidden pools, the value of maintaining such pools is significantly less compared to in ground pools.
  • While the in ground swimming pools have cheaper installation than the hidden ones, these do not offer the prestigious and irresistible allure that hidden water pools do. You can design in ground pools into multiple sizes and shapes whereas hidden water swimming pools can only be rectangular or circular.
  • Hidden swimming pools can expand a home’s patio space through lifting a platform, with the water draining to a reservoir. An in ground pool makes use of pool covers which cannot be walked on thus, these don’t widen the space in patios.
  • Hidden pools don’t require any fencing for safety and security purposes. All other kinds of pools need to have some form of security fencing to ensure that small kids and pets will not accidentally fall into the pool.
  • The value of an in ground pool which depends on the shape and size is way cheaper compared to hidden water pools. An in ground pool can have all the bells and whistles like hoops, swim up bars and slides. Hidden swimming pools can also have all such features but the moment the platform has been raised, a water slide is going to look very much out of place.

Finally, the cost of maintaining in ground pools tends to be very high. Ensuring that chemicals are kept properly balanced and covering and cleaning the pool can also be expensive. Hidden pools cost less to maintain since these are not exposed to the UV rays of the sun and the water’s chemical balance is not affected.

Hidden Water Pools VS Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pools can be installed easily and in several cases in a day even if most will take a few days to clear and level the area, install the liner, erect the pool, and fill with water. Assembling an exit or entry step system, basic landscaping, and fencing along top rail may add another day when installing this kind of swimming pool.

  • Hidden Water Pools may usually take six to eight weeks to install once the process starts. Several pool builders can complete a pool quickly than that, yet bad weather may cause delays. Fiberglass or vinyl pools skip several steps in the process, namely tile, granite, and steel, yet still take four to six weeks to build.

Above ground pools are available in different prices and packages. The price depends on the pool’s size, quality components, and optional equipment. Expensive above ground pools are thicker and deeper with more durable materials as well as have options including safety ladders, in-pool lighting, step systems, more effective filtration systems, pool cleaners, and many more.

  • Hidden water pool cost may range from DIY pool kits to pools installed by professionals. Like every pool, its price also depends on the size, pool type, features, options, and some degree the economy and local market. Landscaping like pool fencing may cost extra charge.

Above ground pools are considered easier to maintain compared to hidden water pools if only because of water volume and smaller size. But, it depends on the pool equipment and care given to the above ground pool.

  • Hidden water pools are simpler to clean given than the filter, cleaning equipment, and pump is more effective and larger. But, above ground pools may also be equipped with better and bigger equipment. Nevertheless, the cost of maintenance is much expensive compared to the above ground pools.

Regardless of your needs when it comes to swimming pools, both above ground pools and hidden water pools are the best.